CHUCKIT Sport Ball Launcher 27in Large

Article number: PFX-29006700
Availability: In stock

This long-range launcher is perfect for active dogs and wide open spaces. Designed for hours of easy fetch games, it takes very little practice to learn how to use it and get the ball as far as you want it to go. You can throw the ball overhand, underhand or sidearm and still get the results you want. It is a great fun gadget for you and your dog to play with and it means you can throw the ball further than normal.

No more having to touch those slobbery tennis balls! Now you can quickly pick the ball up with the launcher head and then easily launch the ball to give your dog great exercise and save you from not only bending down to retrieve a yucky ball but also save your aching arm muscles. It really does take the effort out of throwing because all you have to do is use a flicking action rather than a throwing action, and your dog will really love having to run further for the ball.

Made from durable plastic, it features a sporty look with an ergonomic grip, making it possible to launch the ball with accuracy, distance, and control. It comes with its ball but will work with any standard tennis ball. Or you could buy a Chuckit!

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