WEST PAW Seaflex Drifty

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Drifty is shaped like a stick but it's safer to chew on and to throw.  And, it's made from recycled non-toxic material that is recyclable again. Your dog will love how it bounces, floats, and is so easy to pick up and run away with...and you'll love that you won't be adding more waste to the planet...in fact you'll be removing plastic otherwise bound for the ocean. The ‘swirl technology’ means no two are the same, and it’s tested for toughness and appropriate for moderate chewers.  

  • Made in the USA with Seaflex™; West Paw’s proprietary blend of recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex®
  • Safe & Non-Toxic.  It’s BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, & FDA Compliant
  • Their Oceanworks® Guarantee ensures the ocean-bound plastic material meets guidelines for source authenticity, supply chain transparency, and social and environmental compliance
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