The Fish & Bone Gift Card for $75

Availability: Available to order. This item is either in stock now, or should be in stock again quickly. If you would like this item, put it in your cart & if we expect a delay, we'll let you know.

Our gift cards make wonderful gifts...adoptions, thank you's for your pet sitter/delivery driver/neighbor, new puppy or kitten, 'gotcha' days and birthdays, hostess gifts and presents for your employee, boss or co-worker. Give a gift any animal lover will love, and help support your local business community.

This gift card is a physical plastic card that we will mail free to you or your chosen recipient.  Due to software restrictions, gift card recipients may use the card in our brick and mortar stores only. Please enter code for free shipping: GIFTCARDFREESHIP

please note:  due to limitations of our web store software, these gift cards are only valid in our brick & mortar stores.  

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