TALL TAILS Oyster With Pearl 6IN

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Give your dog a challenge with Tall Tails' 2-in-1 Oyster Dog Toy! Stuff, squeak, fetch, repeat — this interactive toy is made with you and your pup in mind. Comes with spikey squeaker ball and a tucked away pocket for hiding treats, your dog will be kept engaged and mentally stimulated diving for the challenge!

Playtime is a core pillar of your dog's overall health & wellness. Tall Tails recommends making time every day for interactive play between you and your dog. Playtime reinforces the special bond you share with your furry friend and provides your dog with the vital stimulation and exercise they need. Tall Tail's Plush Toy line is designed with cuddles and auditory stimulation play in mind. Made with sturdy materials, stitched together with reinforced mesh fabric for reassured durability, to be your pup's new favorite toy to cuddle, retrieve, and tug.



Polyester. Squeaker sewn into separate pouch & stitched into seam for extra protection.


Spot clean recommended.

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