SPRENGER Training Collar Comfort Chrome

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Equipped with center-plate and assembly chain, it is a classic option for dog training.

Due to the swivel, a quick release of the dog is possible.

Herm Sprenger is one of the leading manufacturers of dog training products, best-known for their quality, reliability, and safety. All products are made in Germany, utilizing only the finest materials and components. Through their continuous quality control efforts over the past 140 years, Herm Sprenger’s training collars are recognized as one of the best training collars sold on the market today.

Product Details

• Chrome plated prong dog training collar

• Distributes correction pressure evenly around the dog’s neck. 

Sizes Available:

  • Gauge 2.25mm x 16" (41cm)
  • Gauge 3mm x 21" (55cm)
  • Gauge 3.2mm x 23" (58cm)
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