SKOUTS HONOR Probiotic Ear Cleaner for Dogs 4oz

Article number: 850004314418
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Skout's Honor Probiotic Dog Ear Cleaner uses natural, non-medicated ingredients to safely clean your canine companion’s ears. A cruelty-free formula that contains no sulfates, parabens, alcohol or fragrance restores harmony to your pooch’s ears by stabilizing the internal microbiome. Irritation and dryness are remedied to prevent scratching and odor while dirt is gently wiped away for healthier ears that feel soothed and ready to hear whatever fun trick you command!

Key Benefits

  • Designed to safely clean and soothe dirty and dry ears.
  • Stabilizes your furry friend’s natural microbiome to prevent irritation that can lead to uncomfortable itching and odor.
  • This natural, non-medicated remedy is free of alcohol and fragrance.
  • This ear cleaner is a cruelty-free formula.
  • Contains zero sulfates, parabens, GMOs, colors or dyes.


For external use only. Do not use on perforated or ruptured ear drums. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

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