SCRUMPTIOUS Dog/Cat Pumpkin Puree 2.8oz

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As good Pet Parents, we want our animals to live a long healthy life. Assuring they are eating the highest quality food that meets their specific dietary needs should be every cat parent’s number one priority. Scrumptious From Scratch strives to offer exactly what your cat needs and desires. Scrumptious From Scratch assures cat owners they are feeding their feline family members only the highest quality food that meets their unique dietary needs. 

Pumpkin Puree – Hooray! This one is a winner! it is a great size not leaving a can in your fridge or out on the counter. It can be given alone to help with digestion and hydration, or as a topper over kibble as a bonus or to make it more palatable. You decide, best thing though is that it is one and done. Pop, Serve and Recycle!


  • Supports stool quality
  • Soluble & insoluble fibers
  • Supoorts healthy gut motility
  • Pureed for easy mixing
  • Only 2 ingredients
  • BPA & gluten free


Pumpkin, Water sufficient for processing


Protein (min.) 0.5%

Fat (min.) 0.05%

Fiber (max.) 3.5%

Moisture (max.) 95.0%

Ash (max.) 3.0% 

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