ROVERLUND Ready For Adventure Pet Backpack Black and Yellow

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This multi-purpose pet backpack is also airline compliant, so you can take your furry friend on adventures even farther afield.

Innovative features include a discrete laptop sleeve, 3 zippered head openings, two water bottle-holders, and an inner leash clip to keep your pup secured.

Suitable for most pets up to 25lbs.


  • Airline Compliant: Complies with the in-cabin requirements of most major airlines. Check pet sizing requirements with your airline.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Padded back panel and adjustable shoulder and chest straps offer extra support, comfort, and breathability for longer adventures.
  • Structured Body: Prevents backpack from collapsing on your pup.
  • Discrete Laptop Sleeve: Make commutes hassle-free with our hidden laptop storage compartment.
  • Three-sided Ventilation: Plus 3-zippered openings for your pooch's head allow them to take in the sites.
  • Built-in Leash: Interior leash attachment clips to your pup’s collar or harness for added security.
  • Exterior Pocket: Store your pet's on-the-go essentials.
  • Two Water Bottle Pockets: Stay hydrated with a pocket on each side to hold your canteen.
  • Easy to Clean: Water-resistant lining is easy to clean in case your dog has any accidents along the way. Plus fleece coverings can be washed on gentle and hung to dry.
  • Reflective Detailing: An extra level of protection to stand out at night.
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