PUPPIA Donavan Coat with Harness Wine

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Winter fleece jumper with integrated harnessThe Donavan is a Winter fleece vest with an integrated harness jumper/jacket that will surely keep your furry friend warm through the cold season. It features a backside zipper closure and fits like a vest (the collar portion), with an added Puppia rubber label for looks.


  • Winter fleece vest with integrated harness
  • Puppia rubber label
  • Backside zipper closure


Sizes:  S - XL

  • S: neck girth: 24 cm, chest girth: 36 cm, body length: 20 cm,
  • M: neck girth: 28 cm, chest girth: 42 cm, body length: 25 cm
  • L: neck girth: 32 cm, chest girth: 48 cm, body length: 30 cm
  • XL: neck girth: 36 cm, chest girth: 58 cm,  body length: 37 cm
  • XXL: neck girth: 39,5 cm, chest girth: 69 cm,  body length: 45 cm
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