NECOICHI Kiimono Cat Bandana - Pink

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Upgrade your kitty’s swagger with the Necoichi Japanese Kimono Style Cat Bandana. Whether he’s an indoor cuddle buddy or an outdoor adventurist―or both―this handcrafted collar is purr-fect for daily wear. It’s made from chirimen rayon―a sturdy fabric long used for kimonos―so it’s soft, durable and stylish with its unique artistic patterns and bow. This collar also includes a gold charm and a safety break-away buckle clip that quickly comes undone if it gets caught, so it’s just the right accessory for furry explorers. Plus, it’s available in different colors to match your pal’s style.

  • Beautifully crafted in Japan with traditional Kimono print to give your cat a look unique enough to last nine lives!
  • Easily adjusted by lightly tugging on opposite ends of the collar
  • The safety buckle will release when the cat's collar gets caught
  • Available in Pink and Purple color
  • Handcrafted in Tokyo, Japan
  • Size:One size fits all. Adjustable from 8.2-inch to 13.7-inch
  • Material: cotton, polyester, PVC
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