MULTIPET Aroma Dog Fleece Man Assorted Color 9.5 inch Toy

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Every dog needs a pal like the Aroma Dog Fleece Man, a new dog toy by Multipet with therapeutic benefits. He's covered in nubbly fleece with a soft soothing texture, and with pressure and body heat the Aroma Dog Fleece Man releases calming scents from a blend of pure essential oils, lavender primarily, which is known for its natural ability to induce relaxation and ease. We use the Aroma Dog Fleece Man along with calming treats to provide comfort during stressful times like separation, vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks, boredom and new environments. A perfect crate-training buddy for pups of all ages.

Price is for one toy, shown in color assortment...please let us choose color for you.

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