MEOWIJUANA Catnip Bubbles 5oz

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Meowijuana Honeysuckle Bubbles are pawesome! They make pawties with your kitties or adult cats even more fun, and they are a clean and safe way to stimulate play. Pawties are always better with Bubbles.

  • Bubble blowing wand is attached to the lid for no-mess fun!
  • Made from essential oil extracted from premium catnip buds, purified water, and honeysuckle
  • Catnip is collected only at the highest point of its essential oil production for the ultimate, fragrant experience for your cat
  • Catnip Bubbles makes a gnarly gift for felines of any age or size-yes, even your senior can let loose sometimes
  • Tested to maximize play time for double the jumps, sprints, and tricks
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