MAX & MOLLY Soundshield Ultrasonic Dog Tag for Tick & Flea Control Orange

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Soundshield by Max & Molly safely and effectively protects dogs from fleas & ticks without any harmful chemicals. Using science-backed technology, the device emits ultrasonic sound waves (3ft circumference) that are inaudible to humans and animals but irritate the nervous system of ticks and fleas. Soundshield features a silicone security strap, waterproof IPX7 submersible, replaceable battery, and blinking indicator light.

Soundshield does not kill fleas and ticks but rather deters them based on the pet wearing the ultrasonic tag 24/7. This item should be initially used on pets that are pest-free,to ensure a clean start of coverage.

Made in Italy.


*Chemical-free tick & flea protection 
*Silicone-style strap securely fastens device close to the pet onto collars and harness
*Waterproof  IPX7 (submersible)
*Season-long protection (8 months)
*Replaceable battery
*Blinking “Active Shield” indicator light

*Appropriate for Any Size/Breed Dog, Tag measures 1.5"

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