MAINELY PAWZ Fusion Dog Leash

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Each Fusion Dog Leash is handmade in Maine with great care. Each joint is promised to withstand the rigors of real use, from the strongest pullers to gentle giants.

Leashes vary in color- please let us choose for you.


Just register your leash with Mainely Paws, and they protect your investment with their lifetime chew-thru warranty. Simple!

  • Each leash is carefully handcrafted in Mainely Pawz's Freeport Maine studio
  • Made from tough, durable Sterling Rope Company climbing rope, a leader in the climbing and work rope industry
    • Length: 6 ft
    • Rope Diameter: 7.8MM to 8MM
  • Solid marine brass snap hook, built to withstand salt, snow and dirt like a champ
  • Mainely Pawz are proud to support organizations that protect Maine and her natural places
  • Backed by Mainely Pawz “Lifetime Chew-Thru” warranty
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