LULUBELLES Power Plush Party Time Bones Pink

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Each whimsical Lulubelles Power Plush dog toy is backed inside with an extra layer of durable mesh fused on the inside to make these high-quality, soft plush toys hold up to the scrappiest canines! No loose pieces and each seam is reinforced using nylon seam tape for extra strength. All toy material used is safe, non-toxic and has no heavy metal. Squeeze! Squeak! Each toy has a squeaker inside!


  • Toys are machine washable and dryer safe
  • Great for dogs of all sizes - Large and small dogs love the plush dog toys Lulubelles has to offer! 
  • Durable for even the scrappiest dogs - Lulubelle's plush dog toys hold up even when enjoyed by the scrapiest canines. No need to worry about loose pieces thanks to every seam being reinforced by nylon tape for extra strength.
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