KONG Halloween Snuzzle Assorted M

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KONG Snuzzles Halloween pals are plump full of fun with full body squeakers that call out with a long, loud squeak—scaring away the goblins and bringing the pups into play. Dense mouthfeel rewards appropriate chewing with every bite while super soft plush invites snuggling in between action. Ideal for indoor fun, the flat shape delights dogs of all different sizes.

This adorable Halloween pals are plump full of fun with full-body squeakers, a dense mouthfeel that rewards natural chewing instincts and super soft plush that invites snuggling between bouts of spooky action.

  • Full-body squeaker for plump-filled play
  • Super plush exterior satisfies instincts
  • Dense mouthfeel rewards appropriate chewing
  • Flat Halloween shapes delights dogs of all sizes
  • Spookily soft bat and ghost ideal for indoor fun
  • Great for cuddle time
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