HUGGLEHOUNDS Ruff-Tex Carmine Cardinal

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You know you're well-loved when no fewer than SEVEN states have named you their official bird! And it's no wonder why. Bright red cardinals are easily identified, even by casual bird watchers, and are often seen frequenting backyard bird feeders. Now pups can engage in their own fun with His Royal Redness! Carmine Cardinal Ruff-Tex? Perfection! Paired with the Hugglehounds Carmine Cardinal Knottie, winter will be more colorful than usual!

Hugglehounds Ruff-Tex toys are constructed with thick-walled latex and have excellent tear-resistance and tensile strength. They are bounceable, stretch-able, squeezable, ball-like creatures made from all-natural materials. All Ruff-Tex toys are hand-painted with paints that meet child safety standards.

Each Ruff-Tex Ball has a squeaker.

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