HUGGLEHOUNDS Not a Creature was Stirring Wee Squooshie & Squeaky Mice Dog Toy 3pk

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Cats are natural hunters! Pouncing and battling toys is a safe way for cats to practice their instincts. We took the typical prey of cats and turned them into special toys guaranteed to provide endless amounts of fun. The fun Squooshie Mice contains catnip to keep cats interested in play.

Not a creature was stirring… besides that Wee Squooshie™ and Squeaky Mice! Wish your wee-sized pup a very Merry Christmas with a 3 pack of wee Squooshie and Squeaky mice and indulge in snow much this winter. From pint-sized play time to Squooshie™ snuggles, your pup will be grateful they were on the nice list this year! The Squooshie™ and Squeaky Mice come in a perfectly festive ready-to-give gift box, making holiday gifting a breeze!

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