HUGGLEHOUNDS Knottie Axel K9 Hero Toy L

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HuggleHounds Project K9 Heroes Axel the German Shepard Knottie Dog Toy is a plush, tough, durable squeaky dog toy that's made with a purpose. It was to celebrate Project K9 Hero and Axel, their national ambassador. A portion of all proceeds from selling this toy will go to support their work providing medical care, food and death benefit assistance for retired Police and Military Working Dogs in the USA. The multiple squeakers will keep your pup entertained and the Tuffut Technology lining helps the toy stand up to plenty of rambunctious fun. And it's completely machine washable for hassle-free cleaning every single time.


  • A plush toy that's also tough!
  • Contains multiple squeakers to pique your pup's interest.
  • Built with Tuffut Technology lining for extra durability.
  • The limbs are knotted for puppies and large dogs to enjoy.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.

This is a play toy not a chew toy. No part of this toy should be ingested (regurgitation or blockage may result). Supervise play. Replace if if torn, frayed or shows excessive wear.

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