!GOODNESS GRACIOUS Hula Lula Liver Nibbles Cat Treat 3oz

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Hula Lula Liver Nibble for cats are a pure single-protein treat, made from the same protein as Goodnes Grcious Hula Lula jerky and rich in taurine, an essential amino acid for kitties.  USDA approved, USA sourced beef liver combined with a little bit of beef.  Goodness Gracious uses both beef proteins because together they provide a more tender texture than liver alone. 

For Nibbles,  the protein is ground into thin strips, and then dehydrated.  The result of this simple difference in approach (grinding vs slicing) is a treat that is especially gentle on small or senior mouths.

  • Human-Grade / Single Protein / USA Sourced
  • Resealable 3 oz Bag
  • Easy to crumble or break for small kitty mouths

Ingredients: USDA approved beef liver and beef.

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