GOODNESS GRACIOUS Gnarlies Beef Tendon Chews 2 Pack

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BIGGER & Better than ever! In fact there's nothing better than a Gnarlie. Goodness Gracious Gnarlies are 100% USDA Beef Tendon that's simply dehydrated into an amazing, long-lasting, tasty chew treat.  (Plus you will enjoy that they are odor-free!)

These single ingredient chews are an excellent source of collagen protein and glucosomine. They support healthy teeth, joints, gut and coat. Remember, chew treats should always be provided with human supervision.

  • Human Grade / Single Ingredient / USA Sourced
  • 2 gnarlies per bag
  • GRAIN and Gluten Free
  • NO odor

Ingredients: 100% USDA Beef Tendon

3657 Kcal / kg
3.7 cal / gram
52 cal / .5 oz

Crude Fat 5.0%min
Crude Fiber 1.2%max
Moisture 12.0%max
Crude Protein 85.0%min

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