EARTH RATED Scented Pickup Dispenser 2.0

Availability: In stock

Whiles supplies last, get one FREE when you buy any box of Earth Rated Pickup Rolls!

Earth Rated has done their duty with this brand new sleek design of their original Pickup Dispenser!

  • Silicone strap with a perfect fit for any style leash, and sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear
  • Double interior pins and the cap locking mechanism to keep your roll of poop bags locked and loaded, so when it's 'business time', you're always ready
  • When you've got a full bag, just attach it to the patented hook on the back of the dispenser to keep your hands free
  • Includes 15 lavender leak-proof bio-degradable earth-friendly bags so you don’t get caught empty-handed!
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