!EARTH ANIMAL Flea & Tick Remedy Drops for Dogs & Cats 2 oz.

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Daily Herbal Drops are a highly absorbable blend that helps guard dog or cats from flea and ticks. Helps to bitter the blood, support the body’s defense against fleas and ticks, and quiet the skins reaction to flea and tick bites.

  • Helps quiet the reaction and itching from flea bites.
  • Add the Herbal Drops to our Daily Internal Powders for optimum prevention against fleas and ticks
  • High Absorption to help bitter the blood and prevent flea and tick bites
  • Worry Free: Safe for people, dogs, cats and the environment.


A Proprietary Blend of Organic & Wildcrafted Extracts of Garlic, Goldenrod, Yerba Saanta, Tobacco, Wormwood, Yellow dock, Neem, Rue and Nettles. Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, Flower Essence Blend of (Cherry Plum, Elder, Hornbeam, Vervain), Glycerin and Water.


TO BE TAKEN ORALLY, twice daily. Can be given with food, water or directly in the mouth.

  • 3-7lbs – 4 drops
  • 8-15lbs – 5-8 drops
  • 16-35lbs – 10-12 drops
  • 36-85lbs – 15-18 drops
  • 86lbs – 20-25 drops
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