CHILLY DOG Charcoal Stripe Sweater

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Chilly Dog sweaters are the original!  As always, made by hand in Central America by skilled Fair Trade artisans.   Dyed rich colors with 100% natural plant extracts, only the softest 100% wool yarn is used.  They're stylish and super cozy, soft to the touch and machine washable (hang dry).  Perfect layer year-round for cool coastal summer evenings, chilly spring and fall days, and drafty locations.  Layer under waterproof shells in wet weather for the ultimate 'system'!  As they are handmade, expect slight variations on sizing and color.  See sizing chart for guidance on size!  Charcoal Stripes pattern has vibrant multi-colored broad horizontal stripes against a deep charcoal background.

Care: Machine wash cold, hang or lay flat to dry


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