CATSTAGES Unicorn Cat & Narwhal Crinkle Catnip Cat Toy

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This pack comes with two majestic toys to help keep your kitty busy—a cute little pink unicorn and a blue Narwhale. They are filled with a crinkle material that offers an enticing sound every time your cat plays with them and both are packed with catnip to really get your purring pal excited! And to help encourage her natural hunting behavior, the tails are made up of soft feathers. These toys are both small and lightweight, making them purr-fect for swatting, batting, pouncing and tossing!


  • Features feathers to encourage your cat to tap into her natural hunting instincts.
  • Designed with crinkle material inside to entice your kitty.
  • Both toys are small and lightweight, so they are great for tossing, batting, swatting and pouncing.
  • Contains catnip to help keep your cat engaged and excited during play!
  • Encourages plenty of play and exercise.
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